'Somethings not quite right but I can't quite put my finger on it…'
And it's not just the missing apostrophe (sic above). Problem-projects appear to go wrong at any time. We can help where you may sense:
  • A project we cannot afford to get wrong - and needs a second opinion
  • Inadequate, unclear or weakly managed requirements
  • The need to thoroughly evaluate a proposed solution before spending
  • A project that lacks the focus and direction you were expecting
  • PM may be slightly out of its depth and/or needing a mentor
  • Suppliers appearing to crawl all over us
  • Stumbling from one slipped milestone to the next
  • A need for assurance that we are doing the right thing...
  • A need to stop because we're almost certainly doing the wrong thing
We can help by providing high-quality work with vision, leadership and delivery.
  • We have no desire to "land and expand" - we work flexibly
  • Our track records are visible online to everyone: it's not made up
  • We already have huge experience in major blue-chip companies and top-tier consultancies so we're productive quickly
Wendy is a first-class business analyst and uses her experience of how projects (usually 'IT projects') start to fail to prevent companies wasting their money. Wendy's focus has always been on the business objective; not the IT - no matter how persuasive the salesperson! Profile
Neil is a problem-solver who knows what it takes to succeed through seeing so many failed projects. Starting a project on the right-foot is vital. Recovering a project is often possible, but much more difficult than getting it right in the first place. Profile