Creating effective, consistent governance
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A top-tier consultancy had recommended the full business integration of domestic and global systems. The major benefits were to be reduced headcount. However the practicalities were not fully considered and the fight for programme resource became a major problem with the millennium just a year away. Its successful delivery to very tight timescales was critical to the achievement of the company's vision.
Restructuring for success
A new, simpler governance re-prioritised, reorganised and restructured the Business Integration Programme (over 30 separate projects). The initial challenge was to develop and embed a high-level programme management plan with the necessary structures to ensure well-informed and proactive governance. Control over existing projects was achieved within a matter of weeks by focusing on simplicity and reduced size project boards. Thereafter the unusual step of sub-dividing the programme into four smaller programmes enabled an detailed evaluation of each project in very short timescales; and with small project boards, decisions were made and executed quickly.
Stopping unnecessary and loss-making projects
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The largest two projects were stopped. One involved £multi-million cost with a global software company because they were the only option? Instead a complex and slow spreadsheet replaced the existing system. Inelegant but effective; and only one week's effort. The second would have involved the purchase of another global software application…initially justified simply because if everyone else has the product, surely it must be right for us.
When you came the programme was in danger. With your contribution we managed the turnaround.
Managing Director and Programme Sponsor
Reallocating resource from unnecessary projects permitted a rapid acceleration and focus upon those projects which made a difference to the business. While often uncomfortable and inelegant, the company achieved both millennium compliance and the outcomes of the pilot they were originally anticipating.