Rapid delivery of a Government initiative
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In response to the Modernising Government agrenda, the Home Office required a web-portal (http://www.governmentfunding.org.uk) to enable Voluntary and Community sector organisations to obtain information and grants from a range of Government organisations in a more accessible, integrated and comprehensive manner.
The three-month assignment had been placed with a large consultancy, but failure to deliver left just 3 weeks, a large invoice and no deliverable.

High quality team...
In preference to a large team, we opted for a small, but high-performing team, thereby easing communications and reducing levels of co-ordination. The team first developed the ideal management summary that would reflect a successful delivery. Once produced the information gaps, stakeholders needing to be quizzed and questions to be asked, became apparent. Each member of the team had a defined, specific brief, role, responsibility, key deliverable and schedule.

By lunchtime on the first day the team were travelling the length and breadth of the UK to meet and manage key stakeholders (meeting arrangements being made in transit along with a detailed list of questions for when they arrived). Stakeholders included:
  • Home Office
  • Department of Health
  • Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
  • Department for Education & Skills
  • The Community Fund (formerly the National Lottery Charities Board)
  • Voluntary Sector Stakeholders (inc. National Council for Voluntary Organisations)
  • Cabinet Office (Regional Coordination Unit, Office of the e-Envoy)
  • Local Government Associations
The team also rescoped the original deliverable to capture and focus only upon the things that were really important to the client, 'parking' less urgent requirements in the form of an optioneering study for future upgrade and expansion.
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Remaining behind in London to:
  1. provide the overall leadership and direction necessary to deliver
  2. refine the management summary (ergo what issues needed resolution)
  3. author the content consistently
  4. manage the scope of work and the expectations of the stakeholders
Right first-time delivery...
The first draft deliverable was read, approved and finalised after just 12 working days and received an open commendation from the Home Office.