Programme Risk Management & Planning
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With less than six months to the deadline, we joined a team bidding for a £5bn contract to develop, build and manufacture a future rapid effects system vehicle. Our remit was to identify, assess and provide adequate responses to the substantial level of risk in the five year programme and then baseline that into a schedule and plan that co-ordinated a joint Anglo-Swedish top team. The plan covered several thousand activities and co-ordinated numerous suppliers. Planning several aspects of the programme was particularly challenging including:

  • baselining a competitive yet justifiably realistic schedule and cost contingency
  • multiple suppliers delivering new technology components
  • the integration of technologies not yet invented but designed into the solution
  • justifiable and well-reasoned management contingency
  • balancing the levels of complexity with practicality
  • ever-changing and emergent customer requirements.
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Delivering a realistic plan
Working on the top team with Directors and Senior Management from both countries, we assembled a large, comprehensive and robust risk register in order to baseline a five-year rolling wave plan grounded in reality.

Although the difficulties and complexities of provisioning a five-year programme plan were considerable, not to mention the severe time constraints within which the top team had to operate, we delivered a risk-register and integrated programme plan that were approved at programme and Board level as meeting all the quality criteria expected of a multi-billion pound contract and plan to deliver.