Project Management
Projects face many challenges. Appointing the right project manager is often the first challenge.
  • How do we know whether we are appointing the right person to the job?
  • What sort of skills should I be looking for when recruiting?
  • Is my organisation uniquely difficult and intimate knowledge of it essential?
  • Will a project deliver to time, cost and scope/quality and how can I predict that?
  • What are the signs of successful and/or failing projects?
  • How important is a method/approach to providing success?
All these are perfectly reasonable questions to ask and for which there are answers…though sometimes the answers aren't as palatable as many might like them to be.

Read on for summaries of some of the many projects on which we have worked:
  1. The value of governance
  2. A business case that matters
  3. Managing software delivery
  4. Rapid delivery
  5. Planning & Risk

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