Ensuring a merger succeeds
Organisational mergers are always challenging; benefits dependent upon the integration and unification of systems, processes and resources. During 2008 we delivered a series of short interventions that enabled banking and mortgage systems to migrate from one financial services (FS) company to the other.

The work focused on areas of the migration that were struggling; then identified issues and risks and adjusted the plan accordingly. Introducing a new, all-embracing, test manager to create a central point of accountability provided the clarity and direction that delivered piloted, reviewed and then fully-tested systems in phases that migrated right first time.
Practical on-the-job help
The same major FS company has long recognised that the challenge to develop a project management community isn’t one of passing exams but rather one of delivering successful projects. We have worked to provide a pathway to success with colleague Peter Mayer of Pelicam Ltd. We initially developed an interactive two-day training workshop that covers much ground untouched by examinations but in the everyday experience of project managers including:
  • creating and managing (high performance) teams from what you've got
  • effective stakeholder management & communications management
  • supplier management & relationships
  • phased, risk-based planning.
We then work with programme and project managers initially over a two or three month period afterwards to ensure the lessons have not only been learned but implemented successfully.
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Competence framework development
Following the success of this work, we have also created a pioneering competence development framework that addresses the key problems with any personal evaluation by focusing on the positive trends measured by the individual themselves; enabling individuals to determine their own development needs privately if required; and completing the exercise within one hour!
PM Examinations make the measurable important, not the important measurable. And many CSFs for top-quality project managers are simply not measurable objectively...