A charitable trust transformed
As a Charitable Trust with spiritual, social and business drivers, the constraints to deliver a financially viable organisation were many and varied and, at times, apparently insurmountable.

In 2004 with the help of Breakthrough’s Founders, Robin and Linda Paul, our entire family moved to Bangalore to turn around the business-run charity and generate success. We rapidly grasped the full extent of the problems, helped the team explore their options and began a genuine transformation programme through the development of a unique solution that married the needs of a Christian organisation and their business imperative to survive.

Breakthrough today is more a part of Wendy and Neil's life than it ever was and represents their most satisfying, not to say, successful work.
“They provided vision and leadership; delivering action not just words,” says Robin. “Some of the changes were painful but necessary and enabled us to develop. Now our clients include HP, Oracle, TNT, IBM, HSBC etc. And we are expanding: Neil is leading that business development for us too because both Wendy and Neil know our business intimately and we trust them completely.”
The benefits so far...
By creating a thriving and profitable business, Breakthrough is now able to achieve its charitable aims.

Through this success Robin and Neil are now seeking to explore ways in which Breakthrough can expand its portfolio of services through both charitable and commercial channels. Subsequent visits in 2008/11/13 and 16 have enabled further expansion and now sees another two South Indian centres established in Coimbatore and Hosur (as well as replicating the successful business model in Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Russia) with yet further successful growth imminent. At all the centres Breakthrough continues to 'break through' sales, client and personal barriers to deliver its unique blend of experiential learning through outward bound activities.
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“Neil and Wendy support us through the delivery of both advice and action towards Breakthrough’s vision - as well as occasional trips here, enabling us to ensure we remain the leading-edge organisation of our type in all India.” Robin Paul - Founder & CEO Breakthrough-India
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