3 - Training & Coaching | SkyBlue Consulting Ltd
Bespoke training & coaching
Neil provides training to a number of companies, including BAE Systems covering topics such as:
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Scope & Quaility Management
  • Time & Cost Management/Planning Fundamentals
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Monitoring & Project Assurance
  • Initiating Projects Intelligently
  • Realising Project Intelligence
  • Designing Successful Projects
...as well as Masterclasses in how to make the theory work in practice (and an option to sit the APM exams). Feedback from these workshops has been consistently excellent for well over ten years.

Some clients go further with Neil providing individual follow-up coaching to ensure that new learning has been implemented and not left in the training room.

Neil continues to deliver advanced training to independent contract project and programme managers keen to improve their own professional capabilities.
  • “Neil’s standards are extremely high: which serve to increase the standards of those who work with him.”
  • Excellent all-round superb trainer."
  • "Neil seeks to stretch individuals and demands more from them in a positive, encouraging way."
  • “Neil proactively provided the team with drive and focus, ensuring the final deliverables were achieved on time and to the delight of the client.”
  • "Neil was able to articulate some complex issues in a manner that could be understood."
  • “Keep Neil to explain all the modules. Best trainer by a mile and the only one who gets his point across to everyone.”
  • "Clearly knowledgeable and able to provide well-formed opinion to supplement the core training."
  • “Neil has a genuine desire to encourage people to think for themselves and to articulate, coherently, their point of view.”
Feedback on Neil’s training and mentoring has always made pleasant reading including some particularly memorable and amusing highlights:
If you had run a course in the North Pole and the only way to get there was by Freight Carrier, husky dog and a three-mile hike, then I would definitely be there
Scott Warnock