Our values and social responsibility

When we do work for clients we will be passionate, enthusiastic and committed, We will try to deliver clarity with independence and with:
  • Vision and insight - to find the right solution
  • Leadership and teamwork - to help you succeed
  • Deliver success with you - if that’s what you want
Wendy and Neil have worked independently on and off since 1992. Our clients tell us they value our contributions - something we value enormously.
Neil & Wendy have long sought to help existing and new charitable causes, and spend as large a proportion of their time as is feasible in doing unpaid work and/or providing financial support. In most ways this work is the most satisfying of all and is rapidly becoming our top priority.
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Wendy and Neil took time out of work to assist a South Indian Charity in 2004 and their children aged just two and three went too. They provided a vision, leadership and delivered success until the charity was able to stand on its own and function as an effective business. They continue this role continually introducing more good practices as the organisation increases in size and quality both at a strategic and a day-to-day level most recently including: 3-5 year strategy formulation and delivery; sales/marketing & branding strategy; resource/capacity management; organisational culture; supplier management; new and improved programmes.

The massive surge in growth of the organisation has seen recent expansion now including centres at Coimbatore opened in 2012 and Hosur opened 2014; others are being sought such has been its success. Far from loss-making now, the organisation makes substantial profits that are able to be ploughed back into an ever-increasing amount of charitable work.

Recently Neil & Wendy worked with friends to establish a charitable organisation helping a needy group within society. They also support (and work voluntarily for) Foodbank, CAP (Christians Against Poverty), the (former) Castlegate Project, Tearfund, Open Arms International and their local church amongst others.