Finding the right person
"IT projects" (so-called) have an uncanny ability to overshoot schedule and budget estimates, whilst delivering substantially less than anyone expected. We specialise in helping clients with problem-projects: Wendy in business analysis; Neil in project management. We have no desire to "land and expand."
Neil & Wendy Richardson have worked in major blue chip companies, top-tier consultancies, medium-sized companies as well as small homegrown charities.
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We are keen to provide high quality help by clarifying the problems, developing practical solutions (supported by a robust business case) and readily identified mechanisms of change; exploring the options and then organising an integrated programme of change to resolve your challenge. Then it's over to you.
Alternatives you may wish to consider...
  • Agencies scanning for buzzwords leaving you with a pile of CVs...
  • Consultancies learning your business at your expense - "land and expand"
  • Contacting us…we'll listen to you and offer practical advice